• EXPECTATIONS - We have a quality minded staff and expect the same from our sub-contractors that we hire. We are consistent with the sub-contractors we use on each project. And they will be there in case of a warranty requirement.
  • INTEGRITY - It Is our policy, If we make a mistake , we will make it right. This is a commitment that is rare in the industry. But we feel it is an important element.
  • SUCCESSFUL - Our success is our clients success. We need  to be there when our clients need us in the future. We are not casual about what we do, and want to work together with our clients, and help them achieve thier goals.
  • ORGANIZED - We are committed to be on schedule and on budget. This is another reason we are consistent with our sub-contractors, as they will show up and  work when  they are called.
  • COMMITMENT - We enjoy the work we do, and the end result it produces. The satisfaction of a job well done.
  • COMMUNICATION - It is the essential ingredient of a successful relationship between Builder and Client.